“In the current market it is not enough to sell a product. An efficient, meticulous, and timeous service must be offered. For this reason, our experts are always at the disposal of our clients with a wide range of services. From assistance in design right up to testing, TiApm is a point of reference for value and excellence. We believe in the importance of human resources in offering solutions which are always innovative and in the avant garde. After all, it is only through appreciating the value of the individual that the importance of each specific need of the client can be understood”


We design and research those solutions best suited to the standards of quality and efficiency required. Our engineers and technical specialists test products to guarantee a customer-oriented service. Designs are examined through advanced IT support systems, to provide a service which is ahead of its time, thus managing production standards so that the products are manufactured to technical specifications. We know that each little detail can make a difference, so we are always on the look-out for innovative and technologically advanced solutions.

LPG Service Point

The value of our know-how in the construction of Bobtails and semitrailers for the transport of LPG makes us valued partners in terms of safety and in the provision of spares, maintenance and testing. Our warehouse is always fully supplied with the capacity to follow-up on maintenance of all equipment (including overhaul of transfer pumps and flowmeters) and guaranteed testing meeting all current regulatory requirements, which has enabled us to build firm partnerships over many years with key actors in the sector.

& Testing

Our technicians are highly specialised to ensure service excellence in the three principal areas: cryogenics, liquefied gas, and compressed gas.


As regards the cryogenic sector we offer a maintenance service for pumps and valves, use of perlite, restoration of the condition of the tank’s interior, plant inspection and meter installation. We are an authorised centre for periodic metric assessment of flowmeters for fiscal data for MID purposes, as well as for cryogenic fluids.


Our clients can contact a specialist consultant for the transport of dangerous goods in terms of the A.D.R. and we offer courses to obtain an A.D.R compliant 15/5/9 Professional Training Certificate.