LPG storage entails stringent technical requirements. Materials must be carefully selected, constant quality control must be effected during construction, and all equipment engineered by us is tested under the supervision of the Notifying Bodies and/or third-party inspectors depending on the destination country and relevant applicable legislation.

Our range of tanks – of capacities from 15 to 500m3 – are designed and constructed according to PED Standards (2014/68/EU – calculation code EN13455) and in compliance with other technical standards and national safety requirements (for example ASME – USA regulations, EAC – Russia, D.E. 90-245 – Algeria, SII 4295 – Israel, etc.)

Configurations may be horizontal or vertical, above ground or buried (underground or in formwork), with reinforced withdrawing tubes or nozzles all with capacity to attach to exposed manifold(s) for submersible pump(s).