LNG road tankers by TiApm are, like other product lines, extremely robust and reliable yet having very light own weights to maximize payload.
With this goal, our product is different from direct competitors in this industry for the adoption of insulation under vacuum with perlite (instead of MLI); this choice derives from the experience in the field that revealed that, even in the presence of transfer pumps, due to the specific gas peculiarities, is preferable to propose tanks with quite high working pressures.
Hence the choice of the cold-stretching to combine lightness (semi-trailer from 56,500 / 7 distribution with 13.500kg tare, European configuration) and high PS, together with an insulation with perlite which guarantees durations and reliability decidedly superior to MLI

  • Semitrailers (1)

    Final couplings detail

  • Semitrailers (2)

    LNG semitrailer 57/8 – Tareweight 13.300 kgs

  • Semitrailers (3)

    LNG semitrailer cabinet / Bunkering configuration

  • Semitrailers (4)

    MID homologation for cryogenic metering systems with master meter

  • Semitrailers (5)

    LNG semitrailer / Distribution configuration

  • Semitrailers (6)
  • Semitrailers (8)
  • Semitrailers (7)